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Tennis Anyone? How the Athletic Wear Trend is Making Consumers Fall In LOVE

If you have ever been a Serena Williams or Naomi Osaka fan, you may have paid more attention to the cute activewear they strut instead of the killer game they put off. Well society has cleared the path for “tennis wear” to not only to be for the court, but for our newest active-leisure wear for everyday. Think of it as 90’s country club preppy wear, with collared shirts and sweaters wrapped around your shoulders. You either look the game, or you play it. But designers are paving a way into the a

Folio Stylists Share What They Bought (and Loved!) in July

From the latest Fendi pouches, to dreaming Johanna Ortiz summer dresses, our Folio stylists share what items they bought and loved this summer. Shop their fav’s here!

As a stylists we are often viewing the latest collections and must-have items to keep our clients ahead of the trends. And 100% of the time we find a piece we wish we had in our own closet. But with so many options, what do we actually purchase for ourselves? Each month we will share what we splurged on and where you can get it to

Cannes Film Festival Red Carpet We’ve Been Dreaming Of

For the past 18 months we have been day dreaming of the resort town of Cannes, in the French Riviera with its Boulevard De La Croisette winding along the coast line. Home of the Cannes Film Festival, the most widely publicized events and the most important of festivals in film. While most of us watch from afar, and many don’t actually follow the awards and accolades, it is the couture fashion of the red carpet that draws our deepest and most undivided attention. We have been longing to be remind

How To Wear the Most Trending Color of The Year

While the seasons change, our styling color palette typically does. We take our shades of rosey pink and trade them for musty olive tones as we head into fall. However, what they are dubbing the “Bottega Green” is making its way through the fashion cycle month over month, and still remains a favorite. Taking your every day looks, and adopting this bold and vibrant color into your wardrobe can be done with ease and style.

Daniel Lee took over as Creative Director of Bottega when the brand was in

These Top 5 Shoe Trends Will Complete Your Summer Look

From the wise words of Coco Chanel, “ A woman in good shoes is never ugly.” And we couldn’t agree more! Lucky for you, we are here to elevate your shoe game this summer by sharing 5 of the hottest shoe brands strolling the streets. Dress them up, or dress them down, these shoes are showstoppers.
• None Amina Muaddi - Named Hollywoods favorite, Amina Muaddis eclectic take on shoe design has every celebrity strutting a pair of these beauties. The signature martini class heel, bright colors and vib

5 Instagram Accounts to Follow to Inspire Your “Hot Girl Summer” Swimwear

Germany born, living in London, Leonie gives luxury designer wear all the attention with her appreciation for bright and bold colors. Leonie recently just shared a reel which highlights multiple luxury brands swimwear collections. How do you make a statement at the pool? Lounge in Louis Vuitton of course! Leonie also has a popular blog,, where she shares more details about how to shop and style all her looks. Although designer swimwear is a pretty penny to pay, Dior, Louis Vuitto

Spring 2021 Maison Valentino

“ It is a different take on a familiar landscape” - Pieraolo Piccioli Creative Director of Valentino

The Spring 2021collection captures the unique rock studs and romantic rose buds in a new, bold, and elevated way. The soft lambskin kappa leather oversized handbags are floating through many designers collections this year, but the gold hardware studs stand out beautifully for a statement piece you will want this spring. The 3D leather rosebuds also add a sensual element to enhancing any day to